Lawyer negotiation

You don't have to deal directly with the other parent if you choose this option. You hire a lawyer to negotiate arrangements for you.

You can still hire a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf even if the other parent chooses not to use one.

Choose Lawyer negotiation if...

Your relationship is still difficult and you'd prefer not to meet, or there's a lack of trust.


  • your lawyer supports you throughout
  • quicker and less stressful than court
  • you don't deal directly with the other parent


  • can be a more expensive process
  • you may feel you're not in control
  • can be seen as a confrontational approach

Lawyer negotiation process

At the start of the process (also known as solicitor-led negotiation) your lawyer will set up a meeting with you to discuss the case. You'll need to explain your issues and the outcome you want to achieve.

After receiving instructions from you, your lawyer will begin negotiations with the other parent or their lawyer. You won't have to deal directly with the other parent at any time.

As in collaborative law both lawyers will try and keep the case from going to court.

If your lawyers reach an agreement that you and the other parent are happy with they'll write down the details. If you both want to make the agreement legally binding they'll submit it to court for consideration and approval.

Lawyer rates (per hour)

£110 - £410

Fees may vary depending on your location and the experience of the lawyer. How long you need will depend on your situation. Some lawyers offer free 30-minute consultations or you can check if you can get free legal help.